Choosing the right lash stylist & extensions: Part 2

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

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Welcome to part 2 of our short guide. In Part 1 we covered different types of extensions, fullness, glues and lash health and hygiene. This time we are going to talk about lash lengths, using specialist eyelash stylists and the different factors that affect the price of a set.


-Never let a stylist apply extensions that are more than 30% longer than your natural lashes.

-Over extension and heavy weight can damage your natural lashes, be particular when finding a lash stylist; the rule is no longer than 30% no thicker than 0.18mm.

-Try to find a stylist who specialises in eyelash extensions rather than using a beauty therapist as their extension training is usually more specialised and comprehensive.

-Location, skill level, product used can affect the price tag of your extensions; essentially, you get what you pay for.

These days the longer and thicker lashes are becoming a very popular trend. Celebrity queens like Rihanna and Katy Perry are often seen sporting huge lashes and they can look great when done properly. However girls, you have to remember that these celebrities are more than likely only having these applied for an event and then taken off the next day. The reason for this is their lash health. If they kept them on permanently they would inhibit their ability to apply great lashes consistently because there would be fewer natural lashes to apply to! Any extensions that extend longer than 30% of the length of your natural lashes put too much weight and strain on your natural lash. Often this leads to your lashes falling out, growing down or becoming damaged in a way that either prevents future extension applications or gives an undesirable look. The best way to combat this is to never extend further than 30% and if you've found a good stylist they should know this. The other factor affecting the weight of your lashes is the thickness. There are tonnes of thicknesses for stylists to use on their clients but anything thicker than 0.18mm could be too thick and heavy, don’t be afraid to ask what thicknesses are available!

If you have been getting volume lashes for years by a stylist who hasn’t had the health of your lashes in mind you may need to take a break from extensions to let your lashes recover. Here at Byron Bay Lashes we have personally had clients come in with damaged lashes and at first can only receive so many lashes in a single appointment. But after we take care of their natural lashes they start to have healthy growth and end up being able to have more extensions applied than before without ever damaging their natural lashes. It can be amazing to see our clients progress with their natural lashes after teaching them how to properly look after and maintain them. The thing to take away here is that although putting giant lashes on does achieve a certain look and is very trendy at the moment it can be detrimental in the long term, if they aren’t done in the right way.

Prices for sets vary from stylist to stylist you can get a cheap full set as low as $70 or you can expect to pay as much as $300 for a good set by an experienced stylist. Ladies expect to receive what you pay for and learn to recognise a bad or unethical stylist. If a stylist is only charging $70 for a full set they may not have had the training or knowledge necessary to know how to look after your natural lashes or apply a good set. Otherwise they would be charging more! When looking for a stylist try to find an established professional who has had comprehensive training from industry leaders. And remember that although the initial set might be upwards of $100, from a good stylist, the price for refills are often cheap if you book them regularly. Think of it like getting your nails done, they need regular infills to keep them looking the way you want, lashes are the same. If you take off your nails yourself or wait too long you’ll need a full set again, lashes are the same. Cheaper stylists probably aren’t sourcing their product ethically or from quality sources, great lashes aren’t cheap! That goes for the glue as well. If you have been going to someone cheap for a long time or have never experience a slightly pricier set I would encourage you to do so, just so you know what you are missing out on. Not all lash stylists are created equal and an extra $50 can go a long way.

That's all from us for now, we hope part 1 and 2 of this guide have informed you a bit more so that you can book your next appointment with the confidence to ask your stylist for exactly what you want and to know what you are getting yourself into. If any of you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you.

Byron Bay Lashes x

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