Choosing the right lash stylist & extensions: Part 1

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

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Unless you’re lash addicts like us may not know what certain terms mean or how to choose the right stylist. That’s why we’ve prepared this short guide on what to look out for in the right lash stylist and the right eyelash extensions for you!


- Classic Eyelash Extension are best for Natural look.

- Lash sets are between 40 and 120 LPE (Lashes Per Eye)

- Keeping your natural lashes clean prevents disease and helps your stylist apply more lashes.

- Faux Mink Eyelashes are the safest, most hygienic and vegan option.

- If you have sensitive eyes request a spot test of the glue beforehand.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are the go to for lash addicts. With these sets 2 layers of extensions are applied top and bottom to your natural eyelash. The amount of eyelashes your stylist uses will determine how full you want your lashes to look. Sets start at 40 Lashes Per Eye, which gives a slightly mascaraed look. The upper limit for a set of lashes would be around 120 lashes per eye which would provide a very full, voluminous look. However if your lashes are damaged from a previous set or from certain eye conditions, such as blepharitis, it may not be possible to apply as many as you request or even at all! This is why maintenance and hygiene of your natural lashes is so important. You want your lashes to be as healthy and clean as possible before your appointment so that your stylist has the best opportunity to work their magic! Try to use an oil free makeup remover and lash shampoo after application. This will help keep your lash extensions clean and help with better retention.

Stylists have the option of choosing Mink, Silk, Faux Mink or Plastic lashes to use on clients. Some of these are better than others and its important to know the difference. If they decide to use real Mink (these are made from the fur of an animal) they could run the risk of passing on diseases carried by the animal fur to you! Your eyes are a breeding ground for bacteria so it’s the perfect place for any nasties to set up shop. We do not recommend receiving lashes from stylists who use real Mink as they also can contains mites or fleas. Silk eyelashes are very similar to Mink, as it is also an animal product, it has all the negatives just mentioned which is not an ideal choice. Plastic lashes are quite safe in terms of hygiene however, as you can imagine, they give a very plastic and fake look which is not ideal if you want to keep your extensions looking natural! Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions are by far the best option, they are natural looking, safe, hygienic and cruelty free! The preferred choice of vegans and animal lovers. Try to find a stylist who uses Faux Mink Extensions to reduce any risk associated with extensions.

The next thing to consider is the type of glue used to bind your extensions to your lashes. There are glues for high humidity and low humidity, the difference between the two is the drying time and dry ability in different environments. Your stylist should be aware of what kind of humidity and temperature she’s operating in, this will determine the type of glue used. If you have sensitive eyes, there are glues out there formulated specifically for you. These glues are low fume and generally don’t irritate eyes, however if you are ever concerned about the glue a potential stylist is using don’t hesitate to ask for a spot test before your appointment. The stylist will have you come in and apply a small amount to your skin to see if you have any kind of reaction to it before going near your eyes.

For even more detail on how to choose the right stylist and extensions check out Part 2 of our guide.

Stay classy lash divas x

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