We specialise in 'Classic Lash' sets and refills. The classic lash set is a natural look and can range from 40 lashes per eye (mascaraed) to 90 lashes or more (voluminous). We do not offer Russian volume lashes. Proper care for your natural lashes comes first, if we believe they have been damaged or there are any medical issues associated with your lashes we will not be able to apply the extensions, We encourage you to email us with any inquiries or concerns before your appointment. We only infill our own sets; never another stylists work. We feel that infilling sets other than our own results in an undesirable look as the product and workmanship/styles can conflict . In this instance the only option is to remove your old lashes and apply a new set.


We use custom 'Faux Mink' lash sets

Length Range: 7-14mm

Thickness: 0.18

Curl: C and CC